The first full length chapter in the SUPERSONIC Pod Comics universe, “ORIGIN: FIRST STRIKE” introduces the characters of the four upcoming ongoing series: THE MARK, SUMO GIRL, THE RANDOMS, and CODENAME: SUPERFORCE!

When an object approaches the earth from outside our solar system, the members of CODENAME: SUPERFORCE are called upon to protect the world. No matter what the outcome, the lives of many people are about to be profoundly changed.

This podcast is made possible by the generous financial support of our KickStarter supporters. Thank you!

Written by: Ben Avery and JS Earls
Sound Design by JS Earls and Nathan James Norman
Featuring characters from CODENAME: SUPERFORCE and SUMO GIRL, created by JS Earls, and THE MARK and THE RANDOMS, created by Ben Avery

CAST (in order of appearance):
Eric Compogno as Graham Walker
Joseph Cerreta as the TV anchor
Jenda Chan as Hojo
Ian Stevens as Tora
Celeste Mora as Karrie James
Francisco Ruiz as Vicus
Ben Avery as Mr. Smoke
Samantha Payne as Ms. Mirrors
Matt Kennedy as Vox
Xum Yukinori as Dr. Griffin
Jessica Walsh as Diem
Jenda Chan as Draco
Sarah Baxley as Rotam
Paul Walsh as Toby Cain
Dani Saiz as Maria Cain
Katherine Czerwinski as Denise Clarkson
Peter A. Papoutsis as the AM Radio Host
JS Earls as the weather announcer
Narration by Nathan James Norman

Featuring music by:
Paradox “True North”
Future Classic “Still Alive”
Bedland “The Cold”

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