THE MARK #1 “We Just Crossed a Line” – SPC003

Toby Cain doesn’t have powers, he gives them. He and his partner, martial arts instructor Denise Clarkson, have been waging a two person war on crime, but the target of most of their activity has decided to fight back. The game’s about to change and a line is about to be crossed . . .

Tune in next week for SUMO GIRL episode 1: “Shitaku-Beya: The Preparation Room”

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Written, created, and produced by Ben Avery

CAST (in order of appearance):
Paul Walsh as Toby Cain
Katherine Czerwinski as Denise Clarkson
Matt Kennedy as the thief
Aidan Kenedy as Clem
Dani Saiz as Maria Cain
Ben Avery as Stone Cold
Evan David as the Mighty Wind
Stephen MacDonald as the Fire Man
And Nathan James Norman as Boyles

Narrated by Nathan James Norman

Featuring music by Paradox. If you like what you heard, check out Paradox on Spotify or wherever you buy music. All music was used with permission and is copyright its respective owner.

THE MARK is a production of SUPERSONIC POD COMICS, copyright 2019, all rights reserved.  

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