THE RANDOMS #2 “The Transporter and the Uniter” – SPC010

When Graham Walker got the power to create flaming wings, allowing him to fly and gain great strength, he also got the power to detect others like him, leading him to Jenna Kirkwood. But as they develop the skills to use their powers, they find a “calling” to use them as heroes . . . and using them means possibly finding others like them. But what happens if one of those other random people doesn’t want to be a hero?

Tune in next week for THE MARK #3: “Another Beautiful Day”.

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CREDITS: Written, created, and produced by Ben Avery
Sound effect design by Ben Avery, JS Earls, and Nathan James Norman

This episode featured the vocal performances of, in order of appearance:
ERIC COMPOGNO as Graham Walker
NATE DAEGER as the man in the dream
DAVE CLEMENTS as Lucas Stephens
TRISTA SHAY as Jenna Kirkwood
JOHN HARJU as Nick Foster
XUM YUKINORI as Dr Griffin
Additional voices by Ben Avery, JS Earls, and Nathan James Norman
Narration by Nathan James Norman

THE RANDOMS is a production of SUPERSONIC POD COMICS, copyright 2019, all rights reserved.

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