THE RANDOMS #3 “The Seer” – SPC016

PREVIOUSLY ON THE RANDOMS: On the night an unknown object was destroyed in space, the whole world was watching. But some random people didn’t just see it happen, they were changed by it. It gave Graham Walker the ability to fly with wings of fire, but it also gave him the ability to sense others like him, leading him to find Jenna Kirkwood, who can link two people’s powers together, and Nick Foster, who can create portals that instantly transport people from place to place. When Jenna linked Graham and Nick’s powers, they saw forty-two others with powers like theirs.

NOW: Jenna and Graham are on a mission: to find the rest of the 42 random people and to figure out why they have these powers. But there are a few problems in their way . . .

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Written, created, and produced by Ben Avery

ERIC COMPOGNO as Graham Walker
TRISTA SHAY as Jenna Kirkwood
DAVE CLEMENTS as Lucas Stephens
CELESTE MORA as Karrie James
JOHN HARJU as Nick Foster
XUM YUKINORI as Dr Griffin

THE RANDOMS is a production of SUPERSONIC POD COMICS, copyright 2020, all rights reserved.

This episode is dedicated to the memory of memory of Xum Yukinori.

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