Ben Avery is a storyteller who hopes to entertain readers with an exciting story, but also inspire and encourage readers to stand up and make a difference in their world. Ben’s comic book career began when he was selected by George R.R. Martin to adapt the Hedge Knight tales into comics. Since then, he has worked for Marvel Comics, Image Comics, Zondervan, Random House, and many independant publishers, sometimes adapting stories (like the Gospels for Kingstone Comics’ Bible project) and sometimes creating his own stories (like the all ages adventure series ArmorQuest and TimeFlyz). In addition to writing, he has been an English teacher, a college resident director, a children’s pastor, a janitor, and a youth treatment specialist for sexually abused children.

J.S. Earls is a multi-media creator whose diverse credits include online projects for the National Geographic Channel, scripting graphic novel adaptions of Steve Alten’s Meg and Ted Dekker’s Lost Books bestsellers, editing several volumes of TokyoPop’s Manga Bible, creating the game CHESSaga, The Realm Unseen interactive audiobook, The Cry anti-child-abuse comic and the American Revolution series PistolFist.

Nathan James Norman narrates and produces speculative and spectacular audio fiction at the Untold Podcast. Residing in the frozen tundra of Northern Michigan, he has written for theater, film, and print. He sits on the creative development team for The Crossover Alliance. And he regularly travels to Hanoi, Vietnam where he trains clerical communicators.

Husband. Father. Pastor. Storyteller. Nathan James Norman also resides in a 119-year-old house, that is trying to kill him.

Twitter: @untoldpodcast
Facebook: @untoldpodcast