Thank You!

We could not have made SUPERSONIC Pod Comics a reality without the generous support of our KickStarter and Patreon supporters!
This “wall of thanks” is just a small reflection of the gratitude and honor we feel when we think about the many people who helped us out.


First, our Special Thanks Level backers…

  • Wayne Henderson
  • Paul J. Powers
  • Tina Sorrentino
  • Scott and Pamela Warner
  • Olivia Montoya

Our Story Level backers…

  • John Schlim Jr
  • Chad Sells
  • Timmy Cleary
  • Joseph Wartick
  • dave reusch
  • John Wilkerson
  • George Jones III
  • Shagg Matthews
  • CopperKing
  • Ben Filipiak
  • Alan Middleton
  • Daniel and Catie Butcher

Our Bonus Content Level Backers…

  • Dave Clements
  • Michael Dean
  • Stephen MacDonald
  • Josiah Arington
  • Jeff Childs
  • Francisco X. Ruiz
  • Max Pfeffer
  • Laina D. Mowry
  • Stewart Boyles
  • Jody
  • Andrew Pederson
  • John Paul Boukis
  • David Hunt

Our Bonus Level PLUS backers…

  • David Arington
  • Michelle Arington
  • Tina Emerick
  • Brian Ing
  • Kelly Gainer Rollyson

Our Limited Edition Backers…

  • Julie Earls
  • Katherine Czerwinski

Our SuperSonic Audio Level Backers…

  • Jodie Orr
  • Andrew Musser

Our Super Print Level Backers…

  • shivna09
  • Marcus Grayson
  • Skye

And finally, a special thanks to our “out of the box” (people who did not select a reward) level backers…

  • The Creative Fund by BackerKit
  • Joseph A Cerreta
  • Michael Akerley
  • Rhonda Zonoozi
  • Austin Janowsky
  • Diana Earls

And also to our anonymous backers . . .
Thank you. You know who you are. We don’t. But you do!