HOUSE OF HEROES – an introduction to season one

HOUSE OF HEROES: “For the Smiths, being a superhero is the family business.”


The Smith family has a legacy of super powers related to the earth’s “elements”, from grandpa’s control of rock to Mom’s fire control to big sister’s air powers. And all water powered Johnny wants is to live up to the superhero legacy.

But Mom wants to make sure Johnny doesn’t follow the paths of his two uncles — one became a supervillain and the other lost himself in his powers and merged with the waters of the swamp. So when Johnny comes in contact with an alien that may be part of an invasion plot, he finds himself on the run from the law, from the superhero community, and from his parents.

Ben Avery writes this audio book styled adventure, an exclusive for Kickstarter and Patreon supporters that explores new corners of the SuperSonic Pod Comics universe, while also visiting the characters of the four main series.

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