THE MARK – an introduction to season one

THE MARK: “He doesn’t have powers, he gives them.”


Toby Cain is a man with a power, but he can’t use it himself. Instead, with a touch he gives people his “mark” — his handprint on their skin, which gives them great strength and speed and agility. But only for an hour and only if they stay within one hundred yards.

Written and created by Ben Avery, this story explores what it means to be a hero while juggling work and home life, especially when living a secret life.

That means dealing with…

  • The lawless . . . a strange trio of villains who are dealing weapons made of powerful alien tech, and who also use the weapons when they realize a superhero is on their trail
  • The law . . . who are also after the villains, and are now investigating this new superhero
  • The crime fighting partner . . . Jenna Kirkwood, a martial arts instructor who uses the powers Toby gives her to take down the bad guys
  • The spouse . . . who is starting to realize Toby has many secrets

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