THE RANDOMS – an introduction to season one

THE RANDOMS: “They didn’t ask for powers, now they’re asking why they have them.”


Forty-two random people around the world find themselves with strange powers beyond their imagination.

As they learn that they have powers, they also learn that there is probably a reason for having them. It probably has something to do with the thing the government destroyed in space. But is it also related to a worldwide conspiracy that may also have its origins beyond our world?

And so the search for answers brings these forty-two random people together in a race against time and a search for answers. Graham Walker, with the power to locate the others, joins forces with the fun loving Tina Clarkson and the small time criminal Nick Foster to take the “randoms” and see if they can pull together as a team before it’s too late.

Written and created by Ben Avery, THE RANDOMS pulls together many different people with many different agendas and many different powers, but all with one question: why do I have these powers?

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