Eric Ninaltowski uses his realistic comic art style to create some of the visualizations of our SSPC characters. He is a husband and father of 3 by day, and by night a freelance comic artist whose clients include Disney, Marvel, and DC. Other credits include, Hand of the Morningstar; MEG; Samson The Nazarite; and Monomyth. He is also working on his own IP called Shadow Sentry.


Rob C. Richardson is the colorist who brings the SSPC characters to vivid life! He has held numerous roles such as illustrator, cover artist, and concept artist. Currently, he works for various clients in the toy, game, and comic market. Publications include Luminous Ages, Pistolfist, Dragon Cross, and G.E.O Genetically Engineered Organism.

JS Earls designed the logos that grace our website, social media pages, podcast art, and pretty much everywhere.