Paradox is an indy hip hop artist and producer whose music helps bring THE MARK to life.

Denver-based emcee Paradox has something to tell you and plenty vocabulary to do it. Drawing on his experiences as a husband, father, and high school teacher, his songs run the gamut from witty wordplay, braggadocious punchlines, and more straightforward jams, to heartfelt storytelling, thought-provoking introspection, and serious listening music.

With a steady output dating back to 2000, he’s far from a rookie, which shows in his willingness to tackle topics like parenting, race, gender, faith, addiction, loss, and depression, all over the gritty, soulful, sample-based soundscapes true boom bap aficionados love.

As a testament to his versatility, he has traded bars on tracks and stages with heavyweights, up-and-comers, fan-favorites, and underground legends alike, including Supastition, Propaganda, Raashan Ahmad, nobigdyl., Ozay Moore, Krum, SkyBlew, JGivens, Relic, and others.

To put it plainly, Paradox lives the mantra: “Teach kids by day. School heads by night.”