CODENAME: SUPERFORCE – an introduction to season one

CODENAME: SUPERFORCE: “Sometimes international incidents require secret solutions.”


There’s a super team out there, watching out for you, even though you don’t know. And you never will know, if they have their way.

CODENAME: SUPERFORCE is written and created by JS Earls and features an international team of superpowered people:

  • Vox, the powerful Russian agent who creates sonic blasts out of light waves
  • Diem, a British agent with the power to control time
  • Draco, a winged warrior from China who can breath fire
  • Rotam, a Franch woman with bionic legs and arms
  • Vicus, the American “cowboy” with trick guns

Normally, their missions are protecting the world from the worst of the worst of this world. But now, a threat is coming from another world . . .

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